Map Legend (Part 1)

The Road Colors and the “Fun Factor”

Map Legend (Part 2)

The background color of a road on the map symbolizes how much fun I had riding this particular road. A blue road e.g. is a top road: lots of curves and a brilliant or at least good surface. A red road is one that I am going to avoid whenever possible since it’s surface is seriously damaged.

In the following I will explain how I rate the roads and what the different colors mean.

Shush! The blue roads are pure fun but they are a shy and rare species. Therefore, they are hard to find 😉 Their surfaces are smooth and in a good to excellent condition. But above all they offer us great bends, turns or switchbacks.

The green roads are similar to the blue ones. They may not have as many curves as the blue roads and the surface quality may not be that good but they are still highly entertaining. If you can’t find a blue road in your area take two green ones 😉

While they may not be as twisty as the blue or green roads the olive roads are anything but boring. Also these roads are in a fairly good condition for the most part, however, not always.

What can I tell you about the cyan roads? Not much. They are ordinary country roads: neither particularly boring nor entertaining. Moreover the tarmac can be damaged sometimes. Take them if you can’t find anything better.

The brown roads are a bit of a yawn because there are very few curves, if at all. If not otherwise mentioned the surface is in an average to excellent condition.

Even if an orange road is twisty as hell it is no fun to ride it. It is extremely bumpy for the most part. I can’t recommend orange roads and suggest avoiding them if possible.

I suppose the responsible authorities have forgotten that the red roads exist. They seem not to be maintained at all. Their surfaces are usually heavily damaged. For the sake of your bottom avoid the red ones 😉 (ml)

Map Legend (Part 2)