Map Legend (Part 2)

The “Bumpy Road” Road Sign

Map Legend (Part 1)

The road sign “Bumpy Road” ist used to reflect the surface quality of a particular road. The three border colors green, yellow and red stand for three different levels of quality.

The road sign with the green border symbolizes a road with a good to perfect surface. Patches are smooth, if existing at all, and you will hardly find any bumpy spots. If there are any they are not going to spoil your riding pleasure.

Roads tagged with the yellow road sign are in an average condition. You will occasionally find bumpy patches, ripples and perhaps even small potholes. But all in all these damages hardly diminish the fun you can have on these roads.

These roads are serioulsly damaged. Their surfaces are very bumpy and definitly no fun. Besides the nasty things I already mentioned in the preceding paragraph you will find all sorts of potholes. I strongly recommend avoiding these roads except you like offroad riding 😉

Further Road Signs

In the context of my website the subsequent road sign pictures have their own special meanings. Therefore don’t mix them up with the real ones.

Indicates a particularly narrow road. This might lead to conflicts with oncoming traffic especially in blind corners and tight turns. So be careful.

Possible lack of skid resistance. Among other things road “bleeding” or “raveling” may be the reasons. What does “bleeding” mean in this context? Well, sometimes you can see black, shiny patches of asphalt binder on a dry road. They can be dangerously slippery especially when wet. To make things worse you can hardly make out these spots if the road is wet. “Raveling” is caused bei a loss of bond between the asphalt and the aggregate particles. This results in loose stone chippings on the surface. You can imagine how dangerous this can be when cornering. If you are interested in further information on this topic I recommend this website.

An exceptional steep road. Well, this should not be a problem for your motorcycle, right? But in combination with a tight turn it could cause the one or the other beginner to drop the motorcycle 😉

On roads tagged with this sign above-average traffic might occur from time to time. This can depend on the day of the week and the time of day. In addition to this the chances to overtake might be rare.

This is – you already guessed it – a speed limit 😉 I only use this sign in rare cases where the demanded limit is exceptionally low or – in my oppinion – nonsensical.

And this is a permanently closed road. I usually place this symbol on both ends of a closed section.

Here we have a road which is permanently closed for motorcycles. Fortunately there is only one such road on the map. It is the K9/K35 between Bad Bertrich and the B49. But since it’s in a bad condition it is no loss for the mankind.

This is a seasonal closure of a road for motorcycles. Luckily there is only one such closure in the areas covered by the map. It concerns the L499 between Johanniskreuz and Frankeneck. Unluckily this road is one of the most awesome and most infamous roads in the Palatinate Forest (Pfälzerwald). For your information: the road is closed from 1st of April to the 31st of October on Weekends and public holidays. (ml)

Map Legend (Part 1)